Thursday, December 27, 2007

winter knitting

hooray for completed projects - these all seemed to finish at the same time and boy does that make me smile!

first off the tams - i fell in love with knitty's three tams pattern
i made this one (version c) for me with local yukon alpaca and noro silkgarden (shade 226)

and a second one (a hybrid of version b + a) for willa - we've named it the bruise tam because the colours are all bruise-y shades Wink mmmmm mustard-y green and purple

and yes i've cast one another!

and my tomten for my friend's little boy is done- hoooray!! i actually completed knitting it in November but haven't been able to put the zipper in until now - i'm home for christmas so my mom sewed it in with her machine. i'm sooo pleased. the buttons are just a 'design element' -read: the top of the zipper was difficult to sew so it looked rather messy there so we sewed on the buttons to hide the machine stitches there ... plus i do think they are cute (knit with Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies - daffodil shade)

another gift i made was toque for Tom for Christmas - it is 100% baby alpaca and super soft and cozy

Sunday, December 16, 2007

what's on the needles

side2side detail
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here is the detail of the sweater i'm making for myself. the photo is in b+w because the details didn't show up otherwise. it is actually a lush deep navy.

what else?
- a toque for tom for christmas - done - it is soo soft annd warm
- a tam for me (yes more for me!) super cute fair-isle.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween

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my knit swan dress a'la bjork [not a great shot - but a fun costume to wear!]

Saturday, October 20, 2007

getting there!

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well i found some variegated blue/green wool at the local shop [Manos - Caribe 116]
the blues (and greens) work well with the rest of the sweater - i have added an i-cord trim which i think really finishes up the garter stitch edges

i added stripes to the second sleeve as it looked like there was no way i had enough of the yellow .... but now that the sleeve is cast-off it looks like i have enough ..... so think i'll frog it and re-knit the sleeve in the original variegated yellow/green/blue

so i'm almost there! i'd like to add pockets, the arm seams need to be finished and the zipper needs to be sewn in

Monday, October 15, 2007

wool woes

i'm almost done knitting my tomten sweater but gaah! i don't enough to finish the sleeve .... i bought the last 4 skeins of cute variegated wool (Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies Multi) on sale at the Knit Cafe with Willa, and figured i had plenty. no no no
I don't really feel have the time to search online for the dye lot etc .. so am going to the local wool shop today in hopes i can find a solid colour to finish it off with - wish me luck

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


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hooray! finished my berry picking gloves - perfect for the chilly fall weather. i'm sooo pleased. Diese Handschuhe sind groß! heehee did i tell you i'm in german class? (hope i got "gloves" right and i think the verb is in the wrong place ...oh and i mean groß as in 'great' not 'large')

Monday, October 1, 2007


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latest project - bought the wool in toronto with willa so i had something to knit at V-fest and on the train to montreal - i'm really loving the colour and the pattern - but ummm bit surprised how big the size is!

during v-fest they had staff photographers wandering around snapping pics - here is will + i knitting on day 2 (yep you can tell it is the last of the festival - oh so glam)

Run for your LIVES!!

Run for your LIVES!!
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i knit the monster hat for a halloween swap - and glamourfae's doll turned into a zombie and started hunting down her other blythes - she claims two are missing and she's blaming the hat

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Molly Dress - free knit pattern for blythe

a great, easy little mod dress for your blythe.

12" Blythe Doll

- Lang Jawoll sock yarn [75% superwash wool,18% nylon,7% acrylic 206 yards per 50 gram ball] - I love Jawoll! It is a lighter weight than most sock yarns, which is great for doll clothes. The best thing about it is each skein includes a 5g spool of reinforcement thread ~ perfect to sew on buttons, sequins etc!
- two doll sized buttons
- sequins, beads [optional]
- set of four 2.75 mm [US size #2] needles

· CO 40 sts. leave a tail aprox 3 inches long
· Knit 2 rows. Join - being careful not to twist.
· Eyelet Row: *K2tog YO* repeat
· Knit 10 rows
· Reduce row: *K3, K2tog* repeat (end up with 32 sts)
· K1P1 Rib for 4 rows
· Knit 12 rows
Divide for Front:
· K16 turn, P16
· K1P1 for 3 (or 4) rows
· Cast off Purl wise
· Pick up 16 sts at the Back
· Stockinette 4 rows (K on RS, P on WS)
· Next row P on RS
· Eyelet Row: *K2tog YO* repeat
· P 1 row
· Cast off

Use yarn tail from bottom to sew the bottom 2 rows together.
Sew on 2 buttons to the top front edges (use the eyelet holes as button holes) If desired, sew on sequins and/or beads to skirt portion. Weave in ends. Block as desired.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

ruffled glove

ruffled gloves
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one done!! so i switched it up - i really like the ruffle and figured why put that at the bottom - so here is my version of teva durham's pattern

Sunday, August 26, 2007

ruffled [fingerless] gloves for berry-picking

patrick got me this most amazing wool/alpaca at the ODD gallery auction last weekend - it is sooo lush! so i'm madly knitting up these berry picking gloves (based on the ruffled gloves in loop-d-loop)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

blythe sized tomten

blythe sized tomten
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oooooooh i'm such a knitting nerd - i've made the classic elizabeth zimmerman pattern doll sized! i totally love this pattern - i want to make it for a friend's baby .. but first i thought i'd shrink it right down to fit a blythe doll - i cast on 40 stitches and "followed" the pattern from there

the hood doesn't fit but i like how it looks none-the-less. i made it for a swap so hoping it will go over well
next project? - well the harvest fair is coming up so i'd like to enter a knit or two into it. last year i won a ribbon! so i'm casting on a hat tonight (since it will be a present for a family member ... sorry no pictures!)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

start of a wee sweater

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cast on for a ... yep. a wee blythe sweater - this is the first sleeve

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

done the wedding present!

i think the bamboo facecloths turned out well - but more than anything it is a relief to have them in the mail (ahhhhhh sigh)

don't ya love how well that ribbon matches?!

ps i added in treats from Aroma Borealis (lovely handmade herbal bath stuff, skin cream etc...)

Monday, July 23, 2007

train in carcross!

train in teslin!
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patrick and i went to carcross last night for a hike around and an ice cream! it was great to see the whitepass train parked there (now the train from skagway comes all the way to carcross - hope it comes into whitehorse soon)

the water is really high - sandbags are sacked everywhere and you can hear pumps running

bamboo facecloth

bamboo facecloth
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I'm madly knitting a set of bamboo facecloths for Carliegh's wedding - umm yes i know ... her wedding is on Saturday! i have to get these in the mail!!

in anycase they are super soft and lush and i'm really happy with the colour.

the "pattern" well it is a star stitch with a garter stitch border.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

yaaa! wallpaper

yaaa! wallpaper
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my bedroom newly wallpapered - which will be painted a lovely cream!

very excited!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

my newest doll [or why i need to sell the blythe below]

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here is my newest doll - a 1972 Kenner
i've named her Tate ... yes after the galleries in the UK (i worked at Tate Britian you all know) + its a cute name for a doll ;)

dollie for sale

Sale period:June 30
Offers end: July 8th 2007

Doll Type: TRU EX Birdie Blue (Toysrus exclusive)

Condition:Gently Played With
Elsa is a beautiful doll in great condition, I'm sad to see her go but she just isn't getting the attention she deserves.

hair cut in a cute bob
eye make-up and blush removed
front facing pink chips changed to sparkly blue-grey

Overall Body: stock - very good condition
What Doll Comes With: nude (but i'll put her in a dress) with original box
Clothes: n/a
Accessories: n/a
Extras: n/a

BIN: $95

Methods of Payment accepted: Paypal

Shipping: $20 anywhere


Her Four Eye Colors:
blue - stock
orange - front facing stock
green - stock
blue-grey - backed with glittery foil

Saturday, May 26, 2007

big[head] hi

patrick sent me this hello from (as he calls them) "the big heads". so my blythes say hi to you too

this one is a bit scarier ..... not sure what i think ....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

bamboo tape

so here is my new project .... (Blouson from IK Summer 07) well kind of - i'm adapting it - knitting it at a larger gauge and changing up the neckline and sleeve length.

this is the "wool" i'm using:
rowan bamboo tape (in amethyst)

anyway i'm getting there - already 3 balls in and about 10 inches up from the bottom!

new blog...

well is no more - it is where i've been posting for the last year and more. guess its been taken over by LiveDigital - anyway my old blog has been moved over there .... and while i could just keep blogging there - i don't know .... LiveDigital creeps me out a bit (people keep leaving random messages and asking for 'connections' - guess it is based on myspace - anyway seem to be alot of adult content there lets say) so think i'll steer clear thank you very much

but here is the link none-the-less