Sunday, August 5, 2007

blythe sized tomten

blythe sized tomten
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oooooooh i'm such a knitting nerd - i've made the classic elizabeth zimmerman pattern doll sized! i totally love this pattern - i want to make it for a friend's baby .. but first i thought i'd shrink it right down to fit a blythe doll - i cast on 40 stitches and "followed" the pattern from there

the hood doesn't fit but i like how it looks none-the-less. i made it for a swap so hoping it will go over well
next project? - well the harvest fair is coming up so i'd like to enter a knit or two into it. last year i won a ribbon! so i'm casting on a hat tonight (since it will be a present for a family member ... sorry no pictures!)


Karen said...

Wow, that doll sized sweater is awesome! You had me going there for a minute - I thought perhaps you had figured out a way to make a tiny Baby Surprise Jacket! I am a big fan of Elizabeth Zimmermann - I wish I had had a chance to meet her.

I will make sure to add yours to my list of blogs to check in on. The swap was lots of fun - may Interweave will do something like that again sometime.

Knit on!

ljo said...

That is so cool!!

em said...

oooooh a tiny baby surprize i need to figure that out!