Friday, July 18, 2008

i am a knitting machine

with less than a week to the Alaska State Fair, all i'm doing is knitting..... must finish sweater ... must block sweater .... must finish ... must knit .. stop typing back to knitting

ps check out dr horrible's sing-along blog (tho sure you already have!) "Look at my wrist! Time to go!"

summer sun

found this great little animation that shows our summer light
our days are getting shorter now but as much as might lament up here we still have lots of light at 11 pm and frankly it is just dusky at midnight. then around 2-3am it is getting light again.
it is funny how you never really know what time it by just looking outside ...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

sweater in the sun

westcoast rose progress
Originally uploaded by knit_north
as you can see i'm working on the second sleeve ... um clearly missed the unrealistic stanely cup goal ..... but gotta get moving as i want to enter it in the s.e. alaska state fair - yes for real! i really really want to win a ribbon ... or even a sticker or something - also tempted to make some rhubarb jam or something. if i hadn't lost my oh so lovely tam would have entered that but ah well .... it is almost yoke time for this sweater so i'm on my way (by the way here is a photo of the pattern - i've changed up the colour and added an extra repeat to the torso as i'm so long-waisted)

so despite needing to finish this sweater - i'm planning out my next knit Gigi from knitty - it is a cute cropped kimono sleeved cardie and rather mindless knitting - i even already have the wool for it an alpaca/merino sock yarn in navy/purple . it is so soft and lush. and after that???? well i think i need a cashmere scarf (yes need. i mean it's cold up here)... a big lacey one .... maybe in a robin egg blue? thoughts?