Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

le sigh

ah well - doesn't seem it is going to be much of a dress up halloween after all. oh well
i've got plenty of other things to do anyway!

crafty-ness i'm up to:
  • moccasins for patrick (above) - we are holding class at work so i'm making patrick a pair for christmas (shhhh don't tell!) beading on to elk hide is not easy - my hands are cramping up and unlike knitting i have to concentrate - watching tv + beading don't mix at least for me
  • ski sweater for me - a traditional norwegian ski sweater - i'm v excited about this - haven't cast on yet but will this week - esp now that i'm not knitting a costume!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

halloween costume

so that time of year do i make a halloween costume?? hmmmm
so i'm thinking either an owl or rainbow-brite .... i'd knit the costume ... mainly since i can't sew for my life.

so owl - basically a bubble knit dress in a couple shades of brown + a felt owl mask (borrowed from brownies)
rainbow brite - a bit more umm complicated. - but knit (tube?) top and skirt and puffy rainbow sleeves

any votes?

Friday, October 17, 2008

cashmere scarf

hello my dear friends .... i know i haven't written for a while..... but looked what i finished! a lacy estonian shawlettte/scarf ... it had some crazy 3 into one into 9 stitches (yes really!) but really was a pretty quick knit .. i did the majority on my holiday with mom, dad and willa so that is a couple weeks.
it is super lovely, soft and warm! perfect for the you see behind my shoulder? no, not patrick's moose lamp ...... snow. yep our first day of snow here. mid-october ..... not bad i guess ... and you know it is really pretty

pattern: laminaria from knitty
wool: jade saphire cashmere in robin's egg blue
needles: size 4