Friday, October 17, 2008

cashmere scarf

hello my dear friends .... i know i haven't written for a while..... but looked what i finished! a lacy estonian shawlettte/scarf ... it had some crazy 3 into one into 9 stitches (yes really!) but really was a pretty quick knit .. i did the majority on my holiday with mom, dad and willa so that is a couple weeks.
it is super lovely, soft and warm! perfect for the you see behind my shoulder? no, not patrick's moose lamp ...... snow. yep our first day of snow here. mid-october ..... not bad i guess ... and you know it is really pretty

pattern: laminaria from knitty
wool: jade saphire cashmere in robin's egg blue
needles: size 4

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Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Heyyy-y-y, congratulations on the Laminaria! Mine is STILL languishing on the needles after the 'leventy-seventh error in those Estonian increases... I really must get into the habit of using a lifeline on EVERY row.

I fell in love with the Yukon on my first trip there and dream of going back whenever I can. Ah well, some people dream of coming to Ireland I suppose!