Saturday, September 22, 2007

Molly Dress - free knit pattern for blythe

a great, easy little mod dress for your blythe.

12" Blythe Doll

- Lang Jawoll sock yarn [75% superwash wool,18% nylon,7% acrylic 206 yards per 50 gram ball] - I love Jawoll! It is a lighter weight than most sock yarns, which is great for doll clothes. The best thing about it is each skein includes a 5g spool of reinforcement thread ~ perfect to sew on buttons, sequins etc!
- two doll sized buttons
- sequins, beads [optional]
- set of four 2.75 mm [US size #2] needles

· CO 40 sts. leave a tail aprox 3 inches long
· Knit 2 rows. Join - being careful not to twist.
· Eyelet Row: *K2tog YO* repeat
· Knit 10 rows
· Reduce row: *K3, K2tog* repeat (end up with 32 sts)
· K1P1 Rib for 4 rows
· Knit 12 rows
Divide for Front:
· K16 turn, P16
· K1P1 for 3 (or 4) rows
· Cast off Purl wise
· Pick up 16 sts at the Back
· Stockinette 4 rows (K on RS, P on WS)
· Next row P on RS
· Eyelet Row: *K2tog YO* repeat
· P 1 row
· Cast off

Use yarn tail from bottom to sew the bottom 2 rows together.
Sew on 2 buttons to the top front edges (use the eyelet holes as button holes) If desired, sew on sequins and/or beads to skirt portion. Weave in ends. Block as desired.