Thursday, December 27, 2007

winter knitting

hooray for completed projects - these all seemed to finish at the same time and boy does that make me smile!

first off the tams - i fell in love with knitty's three tams pattern
i made this one (version c) for me with local yukon alpaca and noro silkgarden (shade 226)

and a second one (a hybrid of version b + a) for willa - we've named it the bruise tam because the colours are all bruise-y shades Wink mmmmm mustard-y green and purple

and yes i've cast one another!

and my tomten for my friend's little boy is done- hoooray!! i actually completed knitting it in November but haven't been able to put the zipper in until now - i'm home for christmas so my mom sewed it in with her machine. i'm sooo pleased. the buttons are just a 'design element' -read: the top of the zipper was difficult to sew so it looked rather messy there so we sewed on the buttons to hide the machine stitches there ... plus i do think they are cute (knit with Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies - daffodil shade)

another gift i made was toque for Tom for Christmas - it is 100% baby alpaca and super soft and cozy

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Lisa W. said...

LOVE your tams and baby sweater...i think you've just inspired me to try that hat pattern! great job. nice to find a new northern blog...saw your stuff on ravelry and linked to you from there.