Friday, August 22, 2008

sweater is done!

sweater is done
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it has been done for a while ..... but no pics until now.
alas it did not make it into the fair .... "oh honey you have won a ribbon" the lady at the fair sighed - i missed the date - oh well, i love the sweater....

ps please don't mind the messy house - we are in the midst of moving!

Monday, August 11, 2008

olympic update

well i'm about 1/4 of my way there - it is certainly a bulky funny thing. but will be thick spongy cute mat when it is all said and done (and heavy!).

totally addicted to watching the olympics - fashion wise: i love the russian team jackets - i couldn't find any decent pics but here is one to the right - the crisp red and white is fantastic with the scrolls found in traditional russian embroidery.

the other team that looks fabulous - in the opening ceremonies in particular are the french. check out the dove gray jackets on the men and the belts! looooove the red belts!!! really all their accessories are perfect and so french.

i wish i could say the same for canada - HBC blah! have you seen the the ugly fully patterned track pants?! they better put out the classic Bay jackets in Vancouver - keep it simple - the whole 'four elements' theme is overly complicated and ends up looking like pajamas - lame.

just lame

Sunday, August 10, 2008

our lady of sitka

as promised let me chat about highlights from our south east alaska trip. so the big landmark in Sitka is the Cathedral of St Micheal. The Russian Orthodox church is right in the centre of town. Sitka was once the captial of Russian America (until 1867 when Alaska was sold to the States) and has a few buildings from that era. The original church burnt to the ground in 1966 during a fire downtown, but has been completely restored. all the art was saved as was the chandelier which was hauled out by two guys while the church was on fire. the next day they went to move it and it took 6 men to move it as the chandelier weighs over 300 pounds - amazing what people can do in emergencies.

the madonna above is of the older russian icons. she is susposed to heal eye problems

up the hill

213 steps 6088.1
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just home from a walk up the cliff - where i live right now is in the older residential part of whitehorse right along the bottom of the clay cliffs. on the top of black street is a huge set of steps (200+ stairs) which i climb a few times a week, well at least at this time of year. it is so pretty up at the top you can see right across the city down to the river

this afternoon i took my knitting with me - i realized yesterday that i definitely do not have enough loops for the bathmat (like 150% more!) so loopy cotton loops .... solution? socks - yep i cut socks into loops. about 30 socks - i found a package of 20 youth sport socks for $5! plus a 10 pack that had white, pink, blue and purple socks. I spent last night cutting socks up as i watched the olympics. normally when patrick is away i rent girlie flicks (costume dramas and bollywood is my weakness) but the olympics are fantastic. not sure what is, i'd never watch bike road races, beach volleyball etc normally but during the olympics? count me in.

yesterday was pretty busy. i moved everything from christine + my house up the hill to the new place in porter creek. i spent friday night packing up and then on sat afternoon, four of my friends helped pack the boxes in the van and then into the apartment. took less than 2 hours! so i treated everyone to coffee and a treat ... ahhh.

still have to move patrick's place ..... that is the big stuff like couches etc but almost there.

Friday, August 8, 2008

olympic knitting challenge

after failing last Olympics with a rather ambitious (cough.. crazy) sweater challenge i set myself - this time round: it is a bathmat. yes not nearly as sexy... or wearable (well maybe as a heavy-ass cape but yeah no.)

so how does one knit a bathmat? with potholder loops.... ummm potholder loops??? these cotton jersey (t-shirt material) loops - I found two bags in this funny little 'everything' store in Sitka. so yeah i need to loop them together to make my yarn then knit away with some big knitting needles! i'm already starting to worry i don't have enough .... so if any of you see these in weird little craft shops let me know!

Monday, August 4, 2008

new blanket for new home

this was my big splurge on the alaska trip. a Pendleton "Beaded Woodland" blanket ...... pure wool and so pretty i couldn't resist it when i saw/found it in Juneau yesterday. well i was good .... saw in the morning and by dinner time knew it had to be for our new apartment. nice thing is was a good deal too (yay! as it is an expensive month).

i'm really looking forward to moving in. we hopefully get the keys tomorrow and i'll likely camp out there for a few days while patrick's son visits (this cabin is sooooo teeny!). then this weekend i hope to move as much as i can on my own over. happy to be back in whitehorse - great fantastic trip but lovely to be home.

ps i promise to post more about the alaska trip - just need to organize photos etc

Friday, August 1, 2008

mmmm salmonberries

i think that was my favourite thing about Sitka - the salmonberries - so many ripe salmonberries! what a beautiful town - it used to be the capital of Russian America and still has buildings from that era along with amazing totem poles, a full harbour of fishing boats and just a quaint lovely feeling about it all. sooooo great! i have to jump off the computer now (in a bar in juneau) more soon i promise!