Monday, August 11, 2008

olympic update

well i'm about 1/4 of my way there - it is certainly a bulky funny thing. but will be thick spongy cute mat when it is all said and done (and heavy!).

totally addicted to watching the olympics - fashion wise: i love the russian team jackets - i couldn't find any decent pics but here is one to the right - the crisp red and white is fantastic with the scrolls found in traditional russian embroidery.

the other team that looks fabulous - in the opening ceremonies in particular are the french. check out the dove gray jackets on the men and the belts! looooove the red belts!!! really all their accessories are perfect and so french.

i wish i could say the same for canada - HBC blah! have you seen the the ugly fully patterned track pants?! they better put out the classic Bay jackets in Vancouver - keep it simple - the whole 'four elements' theme is overly complicated and ends up looking like pajamas - lame.

just lame

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