Monday, August 4, 2008

new blanket for new home

this was my big splurge on the alaska trip. a Pendleton "Beaded Woodland" blanket ...... pure wool and so pretty i couldn't resist it when i saw/found it in Juneau yesterday. well i was good .... saw in the morning and by dinner time knew it had to be for our new apartment. nice thing is was a good deal too (yay! as it is an expensive month).

i'm really looking forward to moving in. we hopefully get the keys tomorrow and i'll likely camp out there for a few days while patrick's son visits (this cabin is sooooo teeny!). then this weekend i hope to move as much as i can on my own over. happy to be back in whitehorse - great fantastic trip but lovely to be home.

ps i promise to post more about the alaska trip - just need to organize photos etc

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maggie said...

oh mar it's beautiful!! it looks so cozy and warm!