Saturday, October 25, 2008

halloween costume

so that time of year do i make a halloween costume?? hmmmm
so i'm thinking either an owl or rainbow-brite .... i'd knit the costume ... mainly since i can't sew for my life.

so owl - basically a bubble knit dress in a couple shades of brown + a felt owl mask (borrowed from brownies)
rainbow brite - a bit more umm complicated. - but knit (tube?) top and skirt and puffy rainbow sleeves

any votes?

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maggie said...

oh! that's so sad about not going out for Halloween. I wasn't planning on going out either and then Connie called and we started talking and I thought it'd be hilarious to go ass John A. MacDonald.ha!
and I convinced her to go as Asian reporter Trisha Takanawa (from Family Guy)... now we just have to find a good party.