Monday, February 9, 2009

happy early valentines!

thanks to my mom (her birthday is Feb 14th), valentines is one of my favourite holidays. ok, i know, i like a lot of holidays - this girl likes decorations! but back to valentines - it has never been a romantic date thing - never any "i don't have a boyfriend angst" - to me valentines is all about heart shaped sugar cookies and little cut out paper valentines you hand out ....... so. much. fun! and yes i still handout valentines. i say it's because i lead a brownie troupe (think of the sad little brownie faces with no valentines!) but (cough) it's really because i love it. this year i have some ones that come with little jewels that you can wear on your cheek - hoorah for sparkly things.

baking wise i'm making mini-chocolate cupcakes with tiny heart sprinkles for frostbite. oooooooo and also in the kitchen look what my lovely boyfriend got me for!squeal! yes it is a cast iron enamel pot! i few years ago i found a Le Creuset (in classic flame) in a thrift shop in here in Whitehorse. for a mear $15. love that pot. now i have this beautiful rich red one too! it's a great size (almost twice the size of my flame one). Patrick gave it to me early as i made a big south african style stew last night. yum. i'm thrilled and he loved the dinner

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maggie said...

this also would be the perfect pot for making the no knead artisan bread that bonnie has in her book... mmmmmmMMMMmmmn fresh bread